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MSR Terms & Conditions

By using the Site (www.msrlimited.com), users agree to follow and abide by the terms and conditions specified by the company.

Trademarks and Logo

The name 'MSR' and the logo are the trademarks of MSR and owned by the organisation. Using these trademarks by any party, for any purposes without the written consent of MSR is prohibited and legally questionable.

Frequency of Updates

MSR may revise and update the terms and conditions at any time, without any specific information to the users. MSR might also take the responsibility of updating the website or any information therein whenever necessary.

Site Contents

MSR does not allow anyone to duplicate, modify, reproduce, republish, upload, transmit, post or distribute any material or content of the website in any form without any prior written permission granted by MSR.

Other Rights

Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. User should not use any information, data, business secrets provided in faith and to the user from MSR with respect and trust. Users need to maintain secrecy and confidentiality while dealing with any such information, business secrets or records provided by MSR.